About Me

Welcome to my craft shop, where I sell items made by myself.  I work mainly in fibre or yarn, creating clothing, accessories and home decor using the crafts of crochet, knitting and weaving.  Items such as handwoven scarves, wraps and table runners, crochet shawls and blankets and knitted hats and scarves.  All perfect if you wish to treat yourself, or as gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

I have been working with yarn for about 7 years now, starting as a hobby to fill time in the evenings with crochet.  I progressed to weaving when I went onto a Rigid Heddle Loom workshop, and became hooked on that, purchasing my own 24 inch rigid heddle loom not long after.

I knit, but it doesn't occupy as much of my time as crochet or weaving.

Recently I have broadened into working with glass and leather.  With glass this is through stained glass using the Tiffany method and also fused glass using a kiln.

And in leather, I have made a few items for family or myself such as leather sneakers and bags.

I hope to be adding some leather and glass items to my shop soon.

There is something wonderful about crafting, turning some raw into a beautiful piece of work.  Working with the loom or a crochet hook are very calming and help people destress and recharge.  Particularly from a busy work life.

So, take a look around my shop and hopefully, something will catch your eye.  I would love to carefully package an item to send to you.

If you want to keep up to date, you can follow me on my blog at www.hookthisweavethat.com where I write about what I am making, planning to make and general views of the beautiful countryside where I live.

I am also available on Instagram under the same name; @hookthisweavethat.

And if you see a scarf, shawl or wrap that you like the design but would like it in a particular colour, contact me about commissioning a bespoke crafted piece.