Do you do custom orders?

  • I am open to completing custom orders for scarfs, shawls and blankets in either crochet or weaving. Please complete the contact form with some basic details of your request and I can discuss further with you.


Where do you ship to?

  • Currently, I am shipping to the UK and Ireland and Europe.

Will you ship to the US?

  • If you are interested in purchasing an item from my shop and need it shipped to the USA, I have two options available.  Details are shown at checkout.  Being a small craft business, my costs for US shipping are higher than a normal high street online store.

How much is shipping?

  • My shipping fees vary depending on whether you want next day delivery or standard delivery.
  • Location also influences the cost to ship.
  • All details can be found when purchasing a product.

Why do you charge for shipping?

  • As I make all my items by hand, I only have a small inventory, with many items being only made once.  
  • As a result, my costs to make are higher than a typical high street online store and so I unfortunately cannot accommodate shipping.
  • When I have discount codes available, the discount is taken from the product and shipping.

I want to receive my item in time for Christmas.  When is your last posting date?

  • I can post items up to the 18th December for UK delivery.
  • For Europe, I would recommend ordering early and before 10th December to ensure your order arrives in time. 
  • For the US, I suggest ordering by 25th November to be sure to receive your parcel, accounting for busier shipping services.

  • Do you use single use plastics in your packaging?

    • No.  The environment is important to me and us all.  Your item is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a delivery bag made from a sustainable source of sugarcane. It is fully recyclable and carbon neutral.

    Do you use man made fibres in your clothing and accessories?

    • Yes, currently there are some items with man made fibres.  This I usually nylon or acrylic yarns to a certain percentage. Details are always provided for each item of its composition.  
    • There are some fibres that are man made but from a sustainable resource such as bamboo.  This maybe used occasionally.
    • I am working towards the use of natural fibres only such as wool, cotton and linen.  I am conscious of allergies, so please review the composition to ensure the item will be suitable to the recipient. 

    Can you post an item directly to a recipient, ready wrapped and with a message?

    • Yes.  Items are wrapped in tissue paper and can be sent to a recipient with a personalised message.  
    • If you wish to have it gift wrapped in seasonal or birthday paper, this can be arranged for a small fee.  Select the appropriate gift wrap type you require. Please add to the comments box your message, which shall be added to a card in the present.
    • There is a premium wrapping option which includes a cardboard gift box.